Kasler Home Memorial

James H. Kasler was a monumental American Air Force veteran whose story must never go untold. Among 76 awards for service and valor, Colonel Kasler is the only individual in history to be a triple recipient of the Air Force Cross.

In September 2015 my wife and I had the honor of purchasing the home of Jim and Martha Kasler located in Momence, Illinois. As we approached the closing date on our property v.·e began to profoundly understand the historical significance of the home we were about to make our own. I began to delve deeply into the Colonel’s history and discovered he was a generous pillar of the community with strong business acumen and a love for golf. Jim and Martha were owners of South Shore Golf Course for over 20 years and poured their lives into making it a welcoming place for public golfers.

“The commitment to his country
through six and half years of
torture as a POW in Hanoi,
Vietnam is the fiber of patriotism in
this great country and must be
etched in history as a benchmark.”

In 2016 the coursed was closed and has remained closed with no likelihood for a buyer. Last summer my wife and I worked closely with the current owner and were fortunate to purchase ten acres of the golf course surrounding our house. Since the purchase of the additional land we have pledged to remember Jim and Martha via a memorial at the road-font portion of our property. In order to uniquely remember the Colonel and his love for Country and Golf, the project will include a picturesque bronze eagle monument surrounded by professional landscaping and synthetic renovation of the number 4 green.

We will be personally completing as much of the excavation and land preparation as possible. We have selected the life-size bronze eagle statue and will be placing it atop a brick structure with a plaque detailing the Colonel’s heroism and dedication to this country.
We are seeking $25,000.00 to complete the memorial with the quality and prestige it deserves. All donations will go toward the construction of the memorial itself and the beautification of the immediate surrounding area. The public will have access to visit and observe this memorial.
Although there are rnrrent memorials around town dedicated to Jim, this project is very unique in that it will recognize the Kasler family and fore,·er be located on the property they resided at. We hope every individual and organization that finds this a worthy cause will consider contribution.



Col. James H. Kasler, U.S. Air Force jet fighter ace and veteran of 198 combat missions spanning World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, is the only person in history to receive three Air Force Crosses. As of 2014, he is the tenth most highly-decorated person in U.S. military history that did not receive the Medal of Honor. His other decorations include two Silver Stars, a Legion of Merit, nine Distinguished Flying Crosses, two Bronze Stars with “V” devices for valor, two Purple Hearts, eleven Air Medals, the Air Force Commendation Medal, and the Prisoner of War Medal.




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