Big Mac Mountain Melting Contest and Rules

Big Mac Mountain Melting Contest


  • Listeners try to guess the date / hour when BIG MAC MOUNTAIN (snow pile) in front of the Bourbonnais Linman Family McDonalds melts entirely.  Linman Family McDonalds will place a  SIGN ON TOP of the ‘mountain’…and when that SIGN reaches the pavement that will be the official “melting” time.  Linman Family McDonalds will monitor the progress of the melting.  Listeners specify the date and time between 5am – Midnight. 
  • Listeners register their guess on one of the Milner Media Websites— / /
  • Entries will also be available at the Milner Media Studios in Bourbonnais and the Linman Family McDonalds on Route 102 in Bourbonnais.
  • One entry per person / no age limit / 60 Day Rule does not apply / No purchase necessary
  • Entries must be submitted before Midnight February 28th
  • If more than one entry has a correct guess there will be a random drawing to determine the winner
  • Entries must be completed in full and guess must include the date and time BETWEEN 5A – MIDNIGHT WHEN THE BIG MAC MOUNTAIN COMPLETELY MELTS. 
  • See Complete rules below and posted at Milner Media and Bourbonnais McDonalds on Route 102



  1. GRAND PRIZE is a “Mountain of Big Macs”—(1) Big Mac Extra Value Meal  a week for (52) Weeks redeemable at any Linman Family McDonalds location.
  2. No purchase or consideration necessary
  3.  No age restriction.
  4. One entry per person.
  5. More than one entry disqualifies contestant.
  6. Contestants agree to the release of their name in promotion of this contest.
  7. The 60 day Rule that prohibits any one person from winning more than one Milner Media contest in a 60 day period does not apply to this contest.
  8. Register at one of the Milner Media websites… / /
  9. The BIG MAC Contest can be found under the CONTEST TAB on the Home Page of each website.
  10. Entries must be completed in full including a guess for what day and in what hour of the day between 5a-Midnight (specify am or pm) the BIG MAC mountain will melt entirely and the SIGN on top will be on the pavement in front of the McDonalds located off Route 102 (Jewel Shopping Center) in Bourbonnais.
  11. Linman Family McDonalds in Bourbonnais will monitor the melting of BIG MAC MOUNTAIN and determine the official “melting” date and hour, with a SIGN placed on top of the ‘mountain’.  When that SIGN reaches pavement and the ‘mountain’ is completely melted (completely liquid) with no snow or ice residue the official date / hour will be determined by McDonalds hourly travel path by management. 
  12. Entries must specify the date and the hour between 5am and Midnight only.  If Big Mac Mountain melts between Midnight and 5am the 5am hour will be the official hour.
  13. Entries must be received by Midnight February 28th 2019, or, in the event Big Mac Mountain completely melts before February 28th entries submitted 24 hours prior to the actual date/hour will be valid in determining the winner.
  14. Entries guessing the correct date and hour will be placed in a random drawing to determine the winner
  15. If no entry (entries) guess the correct date and hour the entry closest to the actual date/hour will win or multiple closest entries will be place in a random drawing to determine winner.
  16. If the ‘mountain’ melts before February 28th, or, if there are any unforeseen circumstances regarding the melting of the mountain, all entries will be placed in a random drawing to determine a winner, regardless of the guess.
  17. It is understood that additional snow could be added to Big Mac Mountain by plowing company. 
  18. There is no associated cash value with the prize or any prize substitution.
  19. Linman Family McDonalds will provide the winner with the certificate to redeem their prize.
  20. Winner must present an ID that matches the information on their entry and sign a prize release.
  21. Winner under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a prize release.
  22. Employees and immediate family members or other persons, residing in the same household of any of the Linman Family McDonalds, Milner Media or ACME, are not eligible to win.
  23. Entries must be completed in full, and, entries must be legible.
  24. Additional entries will be available at the Milner Media studios and at the Bourbonnais Linman family McDonalds location. 
  25. Linman Family McDonalds and Milner Media reserve the right to render mutual decisions regarding the contest and the awarding of the prize not covered in the above rules.

Thanks For Entering – Stay Tuned For The Official Day and Time Of The Melting Of Big Mac Mountain